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My ECO Barrel™ is the ORIGINAL soft-sided rain barrel designed and manufactured by Climate LLC, with a registered office located at 154 Pearl Industrial Ave. in Hoschton, Georgia 30548 (Reg. No. EIN 46-1985829). My ECO Barrel™ is a residential and light commercial rainwater harvesting and condensate recovery repository product developed from 30+ years of experience in industrial, commercial, and residential rainwater harvesting. Climate LLC is one of the world’s largest rainwater harvesting companies designing, manufacturing, and implementing rainwater harvesting systems from 500 gallons to several million gallons in over 50 countries. This experience is what led us to the development of MyECOBarrel™, and with constant research and development over the last 20 years it is the premier product in the rain barrel business. Climate LLC’s leadership are members of the American Rainwater Catchment System Association (ARCSA), the preeminent global rainwater conservation association.

MyECOBarrel™ a BPA free sustainability product                           

  • Best Warranty – 1 year Limited vs. 90-days or less for competing products
  • Structurally superior to competing products:
  1. 0.022in. (.55mm) ClimaFabric™ a reinforced UV resistant 500D PVC fabric with high frequency welded seams vs. competing products at .0.010in. (.25mm) or thinner and chemical seams
  2. ClimaStruts™ are one-piece uprights made with our proprietary formula for superior strength
  3. A near 360-degree double sewn synthetic dual zipper and screened inlet in the lid
    Doesn’t require realignment to attach
    Can’t blow away
    Enables fast water can filling by dunking
    Inlet doubles as a vent or overflow if the overflow is used as a hose inlet from a rainwater harvesting pre filter
  4. Separate 1/4-turn spigot and 1/4-turn drain ball valve
  5. Spigot is 10in. (254mm) high so watering cans fit without the need to place barrel on a pedestal
  6. Screen cap filters on overflow, spigot and drain valve – prevent debris from blocking flow
  7. Drain ball valve is both threaded and comes with quick connect insert with O-ring
  8. ALL fittings come with dual rubber washers so no added sealant is necessary vs. competitors
  • Larger Capacity/Scale:
  1. Engineered for structural integrity to achieve larger capacity
  2. 132 gallons (500L) vs. 50 gallons (189L) max from most competitors
  • Highly Portable:
  1. Light-weight – 10lb. (4.536kg.) shipping weight – not heavy or bulky like competitors
  2. Foldable Design – Compresses easily for storage or transport
  • Easy Assembly in minutes and needs no blocking or pedestal:
  1. All parts included
  2. No tools necessary
  3. Laser pre-cut locations for ball valve, spigot, and overflow (no cutting necessary)
  • Exceptionally durable:
  1. Aforementioned 0.022in. (.55mm) thick ClimaFabric™
  2. Reinforced UV resistant which reduces breakdown
  3. Synthetic Zipper – no corrosion – Double-Sewn
  4. Corrosion Resistant Fittings
  5. Aforementioned ClimaStruts™ have superior strength and are UV resistant
  • Easy Maintenance:
  1. Clean with mild dish soap
  2. Zippered lid facilitates internal cleaning

As the ORIGINAL soft-sided rain barrel, My ECO Barrel™ has several years of research and development behind it to continue to be the best selling and highest quality product of its kind, and all the knockoffs are missing one or more important elements.

Climate LLC is a global leading manufacturer and supplier of above ground steel bolted storage tanks (Climate Tanks™), fiberglass reinforced tanks (Xerxes®), high-density polyethylene custom tanks (HDPE), stormwater chambers and vaults (HydroChain™), and many other options ( In conjunction with our storage tank business, we also manufacture and supply Halcyon Assembly™ vortex inhibitors, SeeLevel Blue™ liquid level indicators, ClimaFabric™ PVC liners, rainwater harvesting filters and components, stormwater filters and litter traps, and much more. Using proprietary technologies and engineering resources, we provide solutions to public and private organizations, companies, and people that combine our vision of water and environmental conservation with their everyday lives. Quality and service are paramount to our three decades of continual growth globally.

My ECO Barrel™ Benefits

  • Reduces Rainwater Runoff. One important benefit of My ECO Barrel™ is that it reduces the amount of runoff from your roof(s) and other non permeable surfaces
  • Improves Local Water Quality. Running ground water often has herbicides and pesticides that can wash off your lawn into the local waterways.
  • Prevents Soil Erosion. Capturing rainwater reduces fast flowing water volume off your steep roof lines on homes, storage sheds, and buildings.
  • Healthier For Your Plants and Animals. No added harsh chemicals like chlorine. It’s soft and natural.
  • Provides Water During Droughts.
  • Saves You Money. Water that is not treated is a simple solution.
  • Helps To Conserve Water.

Use Case Photographs

Some uses of My ECO Barrel™:

  • Irrigation or sprinkler system
  • Gardening
  • Animals and livestock
  • Fire protection
  • Laundry
  • Washing of vehicles
  • Washing of garage or sidewalks.
  • Cleaning of toilets
  • Swimming pool refills
  • Fountain or fishpond refills
  • Drinking water if properly filtered and sanitized; always consult a professional
  • Emergency water



My ECO Barrel™ Tear Sheet