• Assembles within a few minutes with no tools and no cutting
    My ECO Barrel™ Assembly Guide
    Assembly Guide
  • 132 gallon (500 Liter) repository 32in. D x 38in. H (81.28cm. D x 96.52cm. H) ~ 10lbs.
    My ECO Barrel™ Benefits
  • The ORIGINAL soft-side rain barrel
    My ECO Barrel™ Overview
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The logical use of rainwater harvesting is for water conservation purposes, it also reduces energy use within a community. The rainwater that falls on your roof and property is essentially free.

While rainwater can be a perfect primary water source for many uses and situations, it is also a great backup water supply for emergency situations. MyECOBarrel™ assembles in a few minutes with no tools and no cutting.

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